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How to Make a Custom Sales Territory Map in PowerPoint

In this video, we are going to learn how you can create a custom territory using one of our PowerPoint editable World of Maps, clipart maps. Our maps are easy to customize for your sales, marketing, or educational presentations or projects. Every object in one of our maps is an independent individual object that can be customized.

For this training, we use the Maryland detailed county map. We will highlight a section of the state and build a custom territory map.

  • First, we need to select our area or territory. We do this by dragging our mouse over the section of the map that we want. Pretty easy to do. Or you can also hold down your Shift Key on the keyboard and click on them with the mouse cursor state by state. You can select multiple states or counties and then come up to the Shape Fill in the Ribbon and give them a color. We will make them green. That looks really cool. You could also drag your cursor around the area you want to select. Anything that’s inside that blue range will become selected. The question is what about the text? So that’s probably why you would select states or counties with the pointer instead of dragging around them.
  • Second, add color from the Shape Fill Option to the states and create your custom region.

Creating a Custom Area

  • Third, create a custom map. You can create your territory map in the original map or you can pull the section out and make a separate custom map. You can select that new section and copy/ paste it to a new slide. Once it is on a new slide you can enlarge or reduce it, add more text, and customize further.
  • My standard operating procedure for anything I’m doing with a map is to Group all the elements together. Keeping everything as one object makes it much easier to move around or resize. I group everything together by selecting all of the elements, land, and text, and then on a PC right click my mouse button, or on a Mac hold down the control key and a little window will pop up. Choose Group in the Pop-Up box. Once you have the territory or section Grouped you can Copy the map.
  • Create a new slide. On the right side of the ribbon, you will see the options for a new slide. Choose New Blank Slide. Paste the new region onto the new slide. You can bring it into the center of the slide and do any further customizing or changing the size. The easiest way to enlarge or reduce the map is to leave it grouped.
  • To resize, hold down the shift key and grabbed one of the corner handles. Moving your cursor in or out will change the size. When enlarging your map the text moves to about the right spot, but it doesn’t scale. Make text adjustments as necessary. If the map is still grouped you can change all the text at the same time. Such as centering or enlarging the type.
Our maps work with all versions of PowerPoint. Some of the tools may be in different locations depending on which version of PowerPoint you have. But generally your customizing tools will be located in the Ribbon area at the top of the slide or in the upper right hand corner. Most of these instructions will also apply to Google Slides and Apple Keynote. 
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